My warm wishes to all of those individuals who are passionate about industrial designing, and people who helped provide industrial designing the status that it has achieved today.

Mr. R. Suresh Kladon, Industrial Designer / Director

What drove me to accept Industrial Designing as a career is its endless creativity part. Today, industrial designers are striving to come out with mind blowing and revolutionary ideas that would change the way we look at life. So far my journey as an industrial designer has been nothing less than exciting.

I am an Engineering Graduate. After more than 23 yrs of hands-on experience in this field I decided to plunge further deep into the industry to gain more knowledge in the field of industrial designing. In 2001 Klad On was established. Soon, my knowledge and responsibilities began to expand. I was also a designer and a manufacturer.

When you are a , designer and a manufacturer yourself, you have the privilege of work closely with clients and understand their true requirement. Through this kind of proximity I was able to gain and sharpen my creative/technical skills needed to be an expert in this field.

My specializations

Experience in Industrial Designing provided me with the scope to work with wide variety of entrepreneurs around the world. I’m glad to mention many accolades I received from customer in many countries like India, Germany, Japan, and Europe.

Since I wanted my specialization to not end with just being an industrial designer. I educated myself to be a Conceptual Designer, and Manufacturer.

My Primary Focus

Aesthetics & Ergonomics of Any Machines (Machine Enclosures)
Sound Proof Enclosures
Display Units/Stands


  • FIE Foundation Award-IMTEX 2013 - For substantial contribution made in the development of Industrial Design & Enclosures for CNC Machines
  • FIE Foundation Award- IMTEX 2009
  • FIE Foundation Award- IMTEX 2007
  • FIE Foundation Award-IMTEX 1992
  • RUSI Award-2013 - For Best Entrepreneur
  • Rotary Award 2012 - For Best Entrepreneur
  • PMT & CMIT Award for one of our product in 2007
  • State Organization Award - For Creativity as Kriyasheela Vyakthi-1999
  • Award for Best Aesthetic value of the product - H400 in 1998
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